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Tips to keep your Website high in the Google Search Results.

Annoying Adverts

Is yout website Advert Heavy?

Google algorithm change problematic for some websites.

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How To: SEO Tutorials Made Easy

Six 'How To' SEO Tutorials to get you started

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Google + Launch Pages

Has Facebook met its match in Google Plus Pages?

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Facebook Launch Timeline

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Yahoo, Bing and Traffic

Do Bing and Yahoo drive much traffic to SEO related websites?

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Steve Jobs Biography Review

An Insanely great read. An Insanely great man.

Google Panda

What is Google Panda?

What is Google Panda and how does it affect your SEO?

Google Analytics Beta

Google Analytics Beta

New live data and custom widgets from Google

Have paid links made your website disappear from Google?

Website Disappeared

A year and a half. That is how long it has been since I wrote an article on Websites Disappearing from Google. It seems like only yesterday that the Google EMD (Exact Match domain) update hit websites back in September 2012. So on the 29th September [...]
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How to make MORE money with Google Adsense

Do you own a website that runs Google Adsense and have a lot of traffic but don't make as much as you think you sohuld from Google Adsense? Well I did exactly that for quite a long time, until I discovered how I could make more money from my site by a few [...]
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When does a Website become a Business?

At what point does a website become a business? It's an interesting question. Is it when a website makes money for the first time? Or is it when it begins to generate regular revenue? An interesting comment from a forum I read sparked my curiousity to how people [...]
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Why has my Website disappeared from Google?

Website Disappeared

It's a common misconception when building a brand new website to think that it will instantly appear in Google the minute you upload the website. Understanding how long it can take for your website to appear in Google can help you avoid hours of frustration trying to guess what you think you might have done wrong if [...]
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How to: Submit your Website to Google

Google Submit

I have had several people email me this week and ask two reoccurring questions along the lines of - 'How do I submit my site to Google' and 'How do I know that I am listed on Google and that people can find me?'. Here are the answers to both of those questions. [...]
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Google's WebMaster Tools Tutorial for your SEO

In this final Tutorial for Search Engine Optimization, I will explain how to use the Google Web Master's Tool to ensure that you are hitting all your keyword targets and also show you how to identify any areas where you can improve your website and your marketing [...]
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Content Management Systems vs HTML Coding from an SEO Perspective


There are 3 main types of website construction techniques you can choose from when you are building your website. You can either manually type every single bit of code (HTML/CSS) for your website by hand, you can use a WYSIWYG system (What you see is what you get) like the 'Design' view in Dreamweaver, or you can use a system that allows you to enter [...]
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